Five Reasons why I moved to Squarespace

1. Feeling of liberation - Building a website or webpage has several reasons however most of the photographers build a platform like this only for one reason i.e to showcase our work.  Most of the time building a web site is not an easy thing as you have lots of codes, this & that, which puts you in a position to hire a specialized person. I don't know about you, but I was completely dependent and relying on them, for some reasons I never got a timely response, not to blame them however they could be busy, or I'm so impulsive that I couldn't buy-out that wait time. So building my own page on Squarespace makes me feel so liberal that I dont have to depend on anybody anymore. What a great feeling, cannot be explained at all, if you faced what I have gone through then it makes two of us..

2. Bringing Your vision to reality - Sometimes you know what you want but you don't know how to bring it to reality, it is like you are lost in the middle of no where. Though there are lots of talented personnels out there, sometimes it is difficult to dissect your wants, if you are someone like me then Squarespace is the right choice for you, coz I'm able to showcase what exactly I want in no time. What a great feeling.. hmm.... omg 

3. Simplicity and user friendly - I used to think developing a page require lots of coding, expert work etc, even now I a'int denying the need of expert work, there are lots of work on the web page which can be done only with experts and I have all respect for the hard working people, however if you are someone who is looking for a simple platform to show case your work, then Squarespace is the go to the space, they are more than user friendly. For every step I did, I  thought I would get stuck somewhere but the answer is no, it is very self explanatory. If you check the Youtube videos and if someone tells you that you can build your website in 2 hours time, believe them, it is very true. If you are well prepared then all it takes is less than two hours to build your page, however get your portfolio ready, resize them accordingly as they are most time consuming. 

4. Templates - I bet you will be confused too. At one point of time I had to go to Youtube to check what the users say, coz I couldn't make up my mind. what will you do, if everything looks  looks great, you will be confused correct? more importantly  it is designed in such a way that it meets the requirement of all individuals. I chose mine by listening to my favorite photographer Karl Taylor. The template I'm using is Wells and this is exactly what I want and Squarespace met my relevant wants. 

5. Promise exceeds delivery - Squarespace has got an excellent customer service too. Kudos to the whole team. As I had my domain already, I had to transfer my domain to squarespace, I never did this before, so I was little skeptical  however squarespace made my life very easy with step by step guidelines. The most amazing thing was, they displayed saying that the transfer might take 3-5 working days, guess what? everything was sorted out in a matter of few hours.

So my conclusion - If you are a photographer or similar professional who is looking for a platform to showcase your work without coding etc, then you need to try Squarespace and trust me you will not regret it. I feel liberated, you heard it right.... Yeah.


This is not a sponsored post and I express my true feeling. I know there are people like me who is looking for solution for their problem like I do, if you are one of them... here you go..


Many thanks

Jai Arumugam