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Hope you well! We had a fabulous opportunity to experience the newly launched social garden brunch at the Chival Dubai. We came up with 5 interesting things that will definitely make us visit again which we think will make you visit as well. Lets get started 😃 😋.

The newly opened boutique elegance, La Ville Hotel & Suites is the first hotel to grace CITY WALK.  An idyllic venue where the city gets together. This 5 star boutique is a combination of style, iconic architectures – offering a unique relaxed vibe. The dining option here incorporates the surprising cosmopolitan and social experiences, which is tailored as per individual preferences and moods. Being a part of the Autograph Collection, dining has always been the highlight with three restaurants, a lobby café and a roof top bar.

Been only 3 weeks, the launch of The Social Garden Brunch has been buzzing for their selective specialties. Words cannot describe how excellent this buffet is. One has to go there and experience it. We would like to emphasize on these 5 contrivances, as a sure revisit to our lovely people.

1. Location – Al Fresco style.
This Brunch is offered in a sassy and stylish dining destination – Chival. Those looking to fuel up on the nutritional feasts will be impressed with its light and feminine décor, boasting al fresco seating area. We opted to sit in the open air, as the weather was pleasant, enticing and full of energy. We were offered treble packages to choose from, namely The Botanical Quench (brunch with non –alcoholic beverages) for AED 290pp, The Taste of Terroir (brunch with alcoholic beverages) for AED 390pp, The Floral Refinement (brunch with bubbles and alcoholic beverages) for AED 490pp. As we were not driving thus opted for the alcoholic package😝.

2. Eggs Benedict – but with a charcoal twist. “Brunch” known to be the combination of breakfast and lunch, we decided to start ours with a healthy blast of protein and carbs – the Eggs Benedict after the recommendations from the Chef. We were overwhelmed with the uniqueness of this American dish, as the eggs were served on a crispy black bun, The Charcoal Bun making it the highlight of the day. The runny soft poached egg (A la minute) was beautifully layered on the tangy tomato confit mixed with turkey ham foamed with spinach cream. You will surely crave for more after the first serving.

3. The Smoke House – A leisurely bath in the vapours.
Classic Margarita quenched our thirst and also washed away the eggs from our palate. Now heading to check out the Barbeque station, tagged as The Smoke House. This grill made us tipsy with the aroma that was curling up whilst approaching it. Varieties of cuts were offered and displayed, right from Beef briskets to chicken wings along with smoked veggies. All cooked to perfection by Chef Serge who takes ultimate pride in it that reminds me of a quote, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the barbecue.” – Aristotle. My favorite was the Smoked Salmon with Chimmi Churri dressing, as this one complimented among all the other dressings displayed.

4. Paella – “A la Valencia” but our way.
Caught our attention was the nourishing, vibrant and served without pretension, all the way from Spain was Paella. We found the bowl of Paella tasty with a bit of everything in it! This version was completely loaded with everything from shrimp to chorizo to lobster. But I think, “It’s a convivial way to eat, no matter what’s in your paella”.

5. Burger and Pizza – American favorites.
Last but not the least was these two small attention seekers labeled as Burger Corner and the Pizza Station. Has your mouth ever started to water as you got a whiff of a delicious burger? Do you know the feeling of special sauce oozing onto you fingers as you take your first bite into heaven? Have you ever gotten excited after hearing of a new burger place you just have to try? If your answer were yes, then this is the place for you where your five senses can help you differentiate between an extraordinary hamburger and its inferior. The corner served us homemade gourmet burgers with amazing options of relishes making it delectable in its own unique way.

This was already way too much food that had trickled in but the stone-baked German buns made some space in our guts. The métier in the bun was the Lebnah filling drizzled with cheese and bacon – stone baked A la minute . Try them when they are just out of the oven, you will surely feel the subtle flavors. After which we were impelled by Chef Satyendra to try the thin crust homemade pizza. We customized our pizza into three sections, each of which was Classic Margherita, Veg Toppings and Seafood Delight letting us share one piece each of the disc. This stone baked delicacy is surely a must try.

Though Social Brunch is a concept of healthy eating, do except a handful selective dessert section. This is totally a place offering promising quality food, charming surroundings, warm hospitality, value for money and good times spent with family, friends and the special ones. A place, where you will feel at home.

Here is a thing lovelies.. let’s admit this.. everyone of us are tired and stressed with our daily routine,  stress is not a bad thing, however most of the time we don’t get relieved out of it. This is definitely a weekend escape treat and we strongly recommend that you try this out.. Three things before we conclude.

TIP: Best time to go is as soon as it opens, so you can experience it full.

Statutory Warning 😉 – Plan not to eat for at least a day before going there.

More importantly our experience metrics…

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