Congratulations to Cafe Bateel for celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

Each and everyone in UAE are savvy of the luxurious and the delicious world of “Bateel”. Known to be the world’s only gourmet date growers, Bateel has achieved a valuable launching pad to amplify into complementary sectors in the gourmet food industry. A new era in the gourmet brands history, Bateel has successfully flag shipped the three elements combining the boutique, bakery and the café to offer one of a kind gourmet experience. The expansion of the outlets is wide across UAE and thus curiously approached to endeavor one of their gourmet cafes in Abu Dhabi.

Located in Nation Towers this awe-inspiring café will give you a very warm and sophisticated experience as you invade in, offering you choices to plump yourself indoor or outdoor. As the weather was pleasant, we chose to sit outdoor in a relaxed and charming atmosphere overlooking the astonishing skyline and the corniche breakwaters. As Bateel is celebrating the 10th Anniversary, we were offered a special edition menu to choose from particularly for this occasion. As the concept exhibits a seamless blend of Mediterranean cuisine, do expect scrumptious dishes that are healthy in more ways than one. These days “Detox” is in fashion and to start with we were offered “Bateel Detox” also know as the “green drink” and the “Red Detox” referred to as “Red Drink” by Ms. Mae-Lee, the Café Manager. Chilled with the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables with a slight modicum of lemongrass was the highlight out of the two.


As we decided to savor the salads, we were suggested to try them from the festive menu (10 year Anniversary Menu), so we ordered the “Bateel Palm” which embodied the original and sharp flavor of truffle oil with a tangy twist. The palm hearts in this dish are sourced from the selected suppliers making it a signature dish of the menu.

Another dish we ordered from their delectable choices of salad was the “Tuna Superfood” made with wholesome ingredients giving it a very unique and mouthful experience. Originally this dish comes with seared tuna which is chunky and steak-like thus not relished by all but you can always request them to cook it well done or decide the doneness.

Mae- Lee appeared to be so enthusiastic with the new anniversary edition which led us to eventuate her suggestions for our main course. “Saffron Sea Bass” known to be one of the upselling dishes on the festive menu had a subtle and rich flavor. The succulent and perfectly seared fillet was served on the bed of asparagus risotto, as saffron and rice have been a very classic flavor combination.

Subsequently we were also recommended to try the rich, creamy and smooth “Chicken Rigatoni” originally written as “Chicken Fusilli” on the main menu. The only difference in both the mentioned dishes is the type of pasta that has been used, Rigatoni – short hollow fluted tubes and Fusilli are short spirals. This deliciously authentic dish embraces a Bateel twist of Labneh (soft cheese that has been part of traditional Lebanese cuisine for eons) and freshly made Bateel pasta from the wheat fields of Umbria, Italy.

Reminds me of what William Shakespeare said it once “the last taste of sweets is sweetest last” We concluded our three-course meal with a warm, very classical “Date Pudding”, sounds too British isn’t? but with an Arabian surprise served with a tangy twist of pecan nut yoghurt ice cream. These plump, moist, premium dates are the seasonal organic production grown in the groves of Al Ghat, a town in Central Arabia making it a specialty and a signature dessert on the menu.

Cafe Bateel did meet our exceptions and below scores are based on our own views and experience.

A cup of coffee would have been a perfect completion for the lengthy lunch, but were stuffed. You would end up spending AED 250 for a couple on any given day but believe it or not it is definitely worth it for their products and impeccable service.

If you are curious to experience the sophisticated ambience embodied by a rich, authentic and wholesome dishes with finest quality composed in an elegant environment then this place is for you to visit.

Please note this blog is written by Rutuja Shah. I welcome and thank Rutu for joining my team as a content writer. Truly a great asset to Culinarystories365.

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Jai Arumugam

Executive Director & Food Photographer,